Royal Park comprises 155 hectares of public open space located in the central Melbourne suburb of Parkville. It was set aside in the 1840s by Superintendent La Trobe "to provide the lungs for the City". Since then, it has evolved into a public park with open spaces for passive and informal recreation, areas of native and indigenous vegetation including grassland, open woodland and wetland habitats, historic buildings and monuments, and areas for sporting activities. The centre of the Park accommodates the Melbourne Zoo.  See our History page for a summary of Royal Park's history.

Royal Park is managed by the City of Melbourne in accordance with the 1997 Royal Park Master Plan (PDF Download)

The Friends of Royal Park, Parkville formed for the purpose of protecting and enhancing Royal Park’s natural attributes and undertaking activities to that end. Our objectives are:

  • To protect and enhance the landscape character of Royal Park and its predominantly indigenous vegetation associations of open woodland, grassland and pockets of wetland.
  • To protect and enhance biodiversity, habitat and indigenous flora and fauna in Royal Park.
  • To provide learning activities and experiences to participants that contribute to improving the natural environment of Royal Park.
  • To generate interest and awareness of the Friends of Royal Park, Parkville and its objectives
  • To develop partnerships and opportunities with other groups and organisations with similar objectives to those of the Friends of Royal Park, Parkville.interest in achieving our objectives for Royal Park Parkville

The Friends of Royal Park, Parkville is involved in activities about Vegetation, Birds, Insects, and Wetlands.

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Contact Us

Post: Friends of Royal Park, Parkville Inc

PO Box 197, Parkville VIC 3052




General Meetings of the Friends of Royal Park are held on the 1st Tuesday of every second month, at 7:30pm in the Walmsley House, Australian Native Garden, Royal Park, 162 Gatehouse St, Parkville (Royal Parade end). 

The meeting dates for 2021 are:

February 2
April 6
June 1
August 3
October 5 (AGM)
December 7

All members and visitors welcome.

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