Bee Sanctuary

Bee log hotel

The Friends of Royal Park, Parkville have submitted a proposal for a Bee Sanctuary, designed by Roch Desmier de Chenon, to the Melbourne City Council.  This is to attract native bees and would be located in the Australian Native Garden where the emphasis is on an extended floral display with associated provision of nectar. In the interim a simple bee log ’hotel’ has been erected (see photo).

The Bee Sanctuary

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Post: Friends of Royal Park, Parkville Inc

PO Box 197, Parkville VIC 3052




General Meetings of the Friends of Royal Park are held on the 1st Tuesday of every second month, at 7:30pm in the Walmsley House, Australian Native Garden, Royal Park, 162 Gatehouse St, Parkville (Royal Parade end). 

The meeting dates for 2021 are:

February 2
April 6
June 1
August 3
October 5 (AGM)
December 7

All members and visitors welcome.

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